Young, Black and Brilliant

Seun Oboite represents an emerging crop of young Black entrepreneurs that are combining talent, education and a fearlessness about entering the business world.

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Shoobs founder Louise Broni-Mensah

In her early 20s, Louise Broni-Mensah became the first Black female entrepreneur to secure capital from a seed fund provider in Silicon Valley to grow her fledgling business Shoobs (pronounced Shubz).

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What’s the capital of Africa

South Africa is the no-joke response I got to that question when someone adamantly told me that Africa was a country some years back. I kid you not. Admittedly the person was a teenager (ok not a solid excuse) but I think I’d be more forgiving of a young person than someone much older.  And yet the instances where this kind of nonsense resurfaces is largely down to those who – in my opinion – who should know better. Continue reading “What’s the capital of Africa”

Re-teaching Tudor history

Historian Onyeka is pushing for the African presence in Tudor England (1485-1603) to be included in Britain’s National Curriculum. With the support of educational organisation Narrative Eye, the author of: ‘Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England, Their Presence, Status and Origins’, has already presented over 5,000 signatures to the House of Commons.  “We wanted Black Tudors to be included in particular because it is pre-Trans-Atlantic slavery, pre-scientific racism and therefore would give ALL children a perspective of an African presence before Trans-Atlantic slavery kicks in. And it gives them a window into medieval history which is even more interesting,” he told MisBeee. … Continue reading Re-teaching Tudor history